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Credo Band is unique composition of musicians, with long-term band stand experience. Stylistic range and their own arrangement approach to the famous musician topics, give additional value to this band. The listeners can not be indifferent for the Energy which comes from the scene. They react spontaneously for the show from scene. Completes the whole sense and high stage culture. The sound engineer keep watch all the time for the lightening and sound of band.

Bartłomiej Wojciechowski - Credoband

Bartłomiej Wojciechowski

instrumenty klawiszowe, śpiew

Marcin Nowak - Credoband

Marcin Nowak

gitara elektryczna, gitara akustyczna

Tomasz Murawski - Credoband

Tomasz Murawski


Tomasz Bunikowski - Credoband

Tomasz Bunikowski

gitara basowa, śpiew, konferansjerka

Marek Mizgalski - Credoband

Marek Mizgalski

realizator dźwięku i światła

Publiczność Credoband



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