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Our current offer

Our offer

Musical setting and running events or weddings – 100% live

Offer include maximum 10 hours of band performance, base on sectional, dance repertoire with announcer and author’s program of “oczepiny” in the case of wedding ceremony.

Our offer is unique because of additional sounds and visual qualities, professional stage setting and intelligent lightening, which is unheard in this category of performance. The intelligent lightening gives prestige and sublime character of the party.

Professional service by sound and lightening Engineer. 

Basic package includes:

  • Author’s musical settings in 100% live
  • Sound system for dance space
  • Optimal sound quality, provided by professional sound engineer
  • Concert stage lightening
  • Running the event in Polish and English language
  • Author’s program of „oczepiny”
  • Individual guardian of ceremony

Do you have uncial idea for event – realize it with us.

It is possible to extend the offer and add additional service – the details included in additional offer.

Repertuar Credo band 2021

Additional OFFER

First dance in heavy smoggy clouds



Hall decoration by lights



Photo Wall with red carpet


DJ for the day after wedding – “poprawiny”



You can feel like Dancing with the stars



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„My heart is improvising musician, who has his own style and rhythm, but when he really loves, he plays like nobody” (Wojciech Młynarski)
Each of us has ours own style, but we create coherent whole together.

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